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Стратегия ставок заключается в пари на счет в гейме. Эксперты расскажут, как не слить банк, используя ставку теннис 40 40. Стратегия ставок на теннис «40/40» предлагает беттору игру в Live. Многие букмекеры принимают в Live ставки на рынки «Счет – Да». Ставка «Будет в гейме счет – нет» выигрывает, если в ходе гейма счета которого применима известная формула стратегии Щукина на теннис.

В теннисных матчах достаточно часто случаются такие моменты, когда исход гейма определяется с помощью «ровно» на протяжении нескольких.

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  1. 8:40 nahh just nahh bro impossible in 8 months its too hard it takes year i dont believe the video

  2. He is a great performer…not with his playing abilities but with his acting abilities….

  3. I think OP should focus on the easier songs so he is not thinking so much on hitting all the notes and more on musical interpretation. There are basic things that could be improved maybe, like dynamic control across both hands — playing the melody without the accompaniment bleeding in too much. If you are dynamically and mechanically comfortable relative to the skill level of the piece it will free up your focus to start interpreting the piece to your liking in my opinion.

  4. Day one, first thing he says: “It’s not really that much different I don’t think” …. tests the weight of the keys. Not much different to what? The other piano you had before your “first” one?

  5. If anyone is interested in playing piano the greatest results that ive had was with the Turbo Piano Secret (just google it) without a doubt the no.1 system ive followed.

  6. This is total fucking bullshit.

    Lol sorry, no one learns that fast especially if youre an adult.

  7. This brought me to tears.. Ive been able to somewhat play piano by ear since I was a child but Id learn songs and forget them if I didnt keep up with practicing. Tbh I fell into somewhat of a depression in my life and completely fell out with music. The yearning to be able to play was so intense. I decided to pick it back up recently. Now seeing this video on January 1st 2021 I am completely and utterly inspired to find my passion in piano again and start over. Im gonna use your timestamped songs as a blueprint and learn to read music also. Maybe Ill record my process too! Thank you so much for this you have no idea what its done for me. 🙏🏽💙 God bless and Happy New Year!

  8. Im in a family of musicians, my mom plays the piano and my two sisters plays the piano during church meetings, my brother plays the guitar and I play none at all. I couldnt even recognize some notes. I feel emotionally hurt sometimes when Im the subject of a joke at family gatherings but most often I just laugh at it. So, I want to thank you for giving me the inspiration to learn the piano as well. little by little, i know I can get to this level at least.

  9. Im so disappointed in myself right now. I been doing piano for 5 years and still cant really play Fantaisie. Damn, Im adding 2 hours of practice now LOL

    1. please, don’t be. this video is most likely fake.. it’s already skeptical when he’s playing both handed scales on the first day lmao. i could never play these pieces in a million years and i’ve been playing the piano for two years now, and my best compared to him is probably at a month or two, according to his video

  10. Tiene las manos desinconizadas desde el dia 1…🤔🤔🤔

  11. if this is real he is one in 10 million . Hes like the 3 year old that busts out a 2 part invention the first time he sees a piano.. a savant… or its fake.

  12. Even Chopin didnt have the level to play Fantaisie Impromptue after one year. How the hell people are so stupid to believe this fake video ??

  13. This inspired me to practice again, I’ve learned when I was little and now I don’t remember much but I think if I really want to I can get back on track! Nice video!

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  15. Well done. I recieved a great level of motivation from your display of learning. Im 2 days in and my forearms is aching lol. Maybe Ill make a video too

  16. bangs out zelda theme the day the piano shows up Im a beginner yeah fuck right off

  17. Good and bad at the same time for beginners. I mean surely with a lot of hard work people could achieve a somewhat acceptable level of playing, or struggling on the long way, but on the other hand this one is most probably fake and not at all a Day 0-1 beginner and many could start thinking to reach this level as well and abandon thinking theyre not gifted-skilled compared to him.

  18. 100% he was not for the first time in touch with music. he was a musician before this

  19. He played already….trick you can tellbhe was faking how he didnt know how to play…stop the lies

  20. Its not true!!! In 1 year u cant play the most of song u say…dont lie!!!
    Im a piano student…..

  21. why is everybody hating lol… he spent almost two hours a day for a year

    1. @youtube youtube none taken. its just that seeing as how my friends from the music department strictly practice more than 6 hours a day and cant even reach that level (according to their teachers i mean)— i just feel that the fact that he claimed to have practiced 2 hours a day for a year as a beginner just invalidated their hard work.

      not saying that one year is impossible, but two hours a day is way too little.

    2. Look at the amount of pieces in this video for one year and then look at how many is uploaded after the video. It doesnt add up. I mean hes only showing 1 min of each piece without uploading any full piece of his progress, but that still pushing it.

    3. @Yinyue Yunoki no offense but im pretty sure if you practice 6 hours a day and cant play that piece there is something missing in the equation

  22. I loved this video. I recently got motivated to get a piano after listening to a bunch of Final Fantasy Piano collections (mainly X). So I really felt this video. Thank you for sharing!

  23. Youre reading music on your second video? Already experienced but just returning?

  24. Fantastic. I’m going to buy a Yamaha piagerro (I think it’s called) soon and then,,,, get a piano IF I can get good 🍷🎶🥰

  25. bruh it seems piano progress is much faster then guitar this guy played sadness and sorrow in like 7 months wtf

  26. Forget the haters man I know your in school now. Hope your doing well. Cause of Corona. Im finally able to concentrate on piano and this inspires me thank. You.

  27. LOL that bullshit. We can clearly see on his fingers hes not a begginer. He just made it up for buzz

  28. Cmon!!! You surely had a musical background or learned many years ago how to play piano!

  29. I thought this was too good to be true and then I read the comments and I confirmed!

  30. Day 4 for you is like day 365 for me. Lets not talk about how much more progress you had at 2 weeks. Great job man!

  31. Tenho uma playlist teclado do zero e vou fazer uma do simply piano, vem conhecer , abraço tmj

  32. I liked andrew furmancyzks piano lessons on youtube. also thats amazing mate

  33. Fantasie Impromptu after 1 year? theres no way youre a beginner, this is so misleading dude. Come on.

  34. Plot twisted….
    1 year of playing piano
    17 years of playing keyboard.

  35. Its so good to see how people that are not from latam can buy an excelent piano without eco problems 🙂

  36. 🎹 🎶 your progress is phenomenal. I’ve been watching beginners for inspiration:

  37. im still stuck on learning piano. can you give me some ideas how i can learn piano fast like you. ty

    1. Its easy, just spend your life practicing to become a professional pianist. Then once thats accomplished make youtube video where you pretend like youve only just started learning and after a year youre playing 8th grade music.

      THIS IS FAKE — dont let it get you down, learning is slow and arduous but if you stick to it youll get there.

  38. This was the same guy in school who aced the test but says he didnt study at all

  39. not tryna be negative but i dont think this kinda faked he either took classes when he was young cuz u cant just start doing piano and not even flinching or making mistakes like on the first and second week , as a pianist it took me ab 1-2 weeks to learn the notes and to read them and like theres no way he could do so good like in a short amount of time 🤷🏻‍♂️ he def took classes before

  40. Yeeeessss you in 11 months of playing piano can play fantasie impromptu bwoah….

  41. May I ask you a question? How can you be so dedicated, Ive been playing 6 years piano and I feel that Im not good at it. Would you mind if you can tell me that technique you use to keep playing the piano?

  42. Thank you for making this and sharing it with us. I made a piano cover, too but Im not that good at playing. If you want to check it out, its this here:

  43. I feel like he used to learn by ear, because I played for my first time the other day and now I know like 13 songs and idk how to read any kind of notes

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